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General Partner

Eric Clough and his partner, architect, Eun Sun Chun, think outside the box when running their New York City-based multidisciplinary design firm. The firm approaches architecture, public projects, graphic design, film, advertising, and product design with a singular mix of detail-oriented commitment and a rigorously developed sense of play.

From large-scale schematic plans to small-scale conceptual design, 212box applies the same attention and no-holds-barred ambition, creativity and possibility, to projects that range from a master plan for an important North Carolina city, to handbags made out of the cloth once used to create an urban art installation, to a series of GlassBoxes installed on the side of existing structures—the firm's namesake—to a New York apartment that includes a da Vinci-Code-style system of elaborate code breaking games for the clients' children.

Clough has an office of sixteen full-time designers and partners with local companies, forming newly branded teams like 312box and 310box—named after the area codes in which they are located—in order to facilitate complete involvement with every aspect of its projects throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Clough, who is originally from the Midwest, spent his formative years in Brussels and London at the International School of Brussels and the American School of London, returning to the United States to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Architecture from Yale University.

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